Good Jewish News FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 5•29•2023
Jay Shapiro


Florida Entrepreneur Launches Good Jewish News Magazine
Publication Aims to Increase Optimism in and Around Jewish Culture

Fort Lauderdale, 5/29/2023 – Jay Shapiro, a prominent South Florida entrepreneur and philanthropist, is proud to announce the launch of Good Jewish News, a groundbreaking magazine dedicated to bringing more optimism to the Jewish community and spreading smiles in an era dominated by negative, divisive, and shocking news. The inaugural issue of Good Jewish News, abbreviated as GJN, was published on Rosh Chodesh Adar 5783, featuring the esteemed Israeli artist Yaacov Heller and Ironman Israel on its captivating front cover. This monthly magazine, published in accordance with the Hebrew calendar, sets itself apart by focusing on positive and wholesome content.

Good Jewish News embodies a set of core principles: it is Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace, Pro-Uplifting Stories, Pro-Motivation, and Anti-Nothing, while also recognizing the need for balanced coverage that includes shocking and negative news. However, it is not within the wheelhouse of Good Jewish News to publish such negative content. In a world where over one million publications share negative portrayals of the Jewish community, GJN aims to be the exception to the pessimistic rule that bad news spreads ten times faster than good news. The publisher is determined to disprove this notion and restore light, levity, and humor to a divided world.

Good Jewish News operates with a clear mission statement: to publish positive and optimistic news within and around the Jewish community. This mission is fulfilled through the publication of the Good Jewish News magazine, which showcases uplifting content, success stories, and good news. In an environment overwhelmed by negative and fake news, Good Jewish News is committed to providing a quality alternative. By sharing as much Good Jewish News as possible, the publication aims to counter the prevailing trend and restore a sense of positivity.

For more information about Good Jewish News and to access their engaging content, please visit their website at

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Good Jewish News - Montague Glass on Cover of Sivan 5783 Issue