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Symphony of the Stars for United Hatzalah

The United Palace in New York City came alive on Saturday night with the melodies of the “Symphony of the Stars” concert, organized by United Hatzalah, Israel’s national volunteer-based emergency medical service (EMS) organization. With a remarkable turnout of 3,500 people, the event captivated the audience and raised an impressive $250,000 in support of the organization’s lifesaving mission.

The line-up featured Jewish music stars Benny Friedman, Ishay Ribo, Avraham Fried, Shulem Lemmer and Mordechai Shapiro. In a harmonious convergence of diverse musical styles, the singers created a musical tapestry that resonated across audiences.

Avrumy Jordan, major gifts officer for the Tristate Area at United Hatzalah, declared the evening “a tremendous success.”

He noted that “singers said the atmosphere felt like the concert was happening in Israel, and concert-goers told me it was the most incredible concert New York had ever seen.”

The Dec. 16 concert also carried a deeper significance. United Hatzalah volunteers, who are often at the forefront of emergency responses, were among the first to help on Oct. 7 amid Hamas’s terrorist attacks in Israel. The goal of the event was to pay tribute to them, as well as celebrate Jewish unity and pride.

“We are immensely grateful for the outpouring of support during this challenging time. The ‘Symphony of the Stars’ was not just a concert; it was a collective expression of solidarity and strength,” said Eli Beer, founder and president of United Hatzalah. “Not only did everyone have an amazing time, but by doing so, they allowed us to continue to equip and train our volunteers to allow the fastest and free emergency medical response throughout Israel when it’s more needed than ever.”

South Florida Entrepreneur Launches Good Jewish News Magazine

Publication Aims to Increase Optimism in and Around Jewish Culture

Businessman and Philanthropist Jay Shapiro launched Good Jewish News out of the desire to bring more optimism to the Jewish community and put smiles on people’s faces in a modern era where news tends to focus on negative, divisive and shocking content. The first issue of GJN (good Jewish news) was published on Rosh Chodesh Adar 5783 and featured renowned Israeli artist Yaacov Heller and Ironman Israel on the front cover. The publisher is non-religious yet felt that publishing the monthly magazine and release it each month in accordance with the Hebrew calendar would set it apart from other publications which may or may not focus on positive wholesome content!

Good Jewish News is: Pro-Israel, Pro-Peace, Pro-Uplifting Stories, Pro-Motivation and Anti-Nothing yet acknowledges the need for the more shocking and negative news! Its just not in the wheelhouse of Good Jewish News to publish such said negative content! There are over one million publications sharing negative content about the Jewish community and GJN will be the exception to the pessimistic rule which states that bad news spreads 10 times faster than good news. The publisher is hell-bent on disproving that quote and restoring some light, levity and humor to a world divided.

About the publication

Mission Statement:

To Publish Positive and Optimistic News in and Around the Jewish Community!!! We do this by publishing Good Jewish News magazine with a focus on good news, success stories and uplifting content! The negative and fake news is out of control, and we plan to do our part to provide a quality alternative which will be achieved by sharing as much Good Jewish News as possible!

Founding Advertisers Include: Izzy Leizerowitz, Rick Tobin, Carl Mintz, Matthew Maschler, Michael Teichberg, Elliot Glass, Dave Crystal, Cindy Ragan and Lauren Mink.


Kislev 5784 - JNF Bolsters Agriculture Industry

Shortly after the distressing events that shook Israel on October 7th, Shai Zohar wasted no time; he was already on his way to the crisis zone in the South. Despite being a 50-year-old engineer from just outside Tel Aviv, deeply entrenched in the country’s high-tech epicenter, Shai's upbringing in a small agricultural village in the far north ingrained one indisputable truth into his psyche: Israel’s farming sector was in dire straits and required an all-hands-on-deck approach to survive this disaster. This wasn't just about answering a volunteer call; it was about fortifying Israel’s very food security. Shai reached out to the Jewish National Fund-USA affiliate, HaShomer HaChadash, actively scouting for people to aid beleaguered farmers on the unforgiving frontlines of the Gaza Envelope.

Established in 2007, the Zionist social-education non-profit organization relies on volunteers to safeguard agricultural properties, assist farmers, and strengthen the Jewish people’s connection to the land. These values made HaShomer HaChadash the perfect fit to step into the significant vacuum left by the thousands of foreign agricultural workers who fled the southern region after the massacres.

Hamas terrorists brutally claimed the lives of up to 30 Thai workers and abducted many of their friends, creating a dire situation. The crisis worsened with the mobilization of Israeli farmers and workers for the ongoing conflict, coupled with a comprehensive ban on Palestinian farm workers entering Israel. In response, organizations like HaShomer HaChadash are racing to fill this gaping void.

Shai was dispatched to aid farmers on Moshav Yadtet, along with a team of four others. Within a few days, this group swiftly expanded to over 30 individuals from all corners of the nation, and even from outside of Israel, all unified by the urgent mission to safeguard the future of the agricultural sector and rescue Israel's economy. This mission takes on paramount significance when one grasps that the region bordering Gaza contributes to a staggering three-quarters of Israel's agricultural production.

From the early morning hours, these groups work diligently in the hot houses, fields, and factories, doing whatever is required of them. "The citizens have stepped in where they are needed most," said Shai. "It’s the duty of everyone to do their part. I may be unable to fight in the army, but I am doing my bit to help save the country."

The importance of Jewish National Fund-USA partnering with organizations like HaShomer HaChadash was highlighted by Talia Tzur, JNF-USA’s chief of staff in Israel: “With Israel in the throes of such an unprecedented war, Jewish National Fund-USA continues its constant support of the state and the people of Israel. For years, we have strengthened the communities of the Negev and the Galilee through development, expansion, and population. In many of these communities, agriculture is the main source of income and is a major factor in the resilience of the State of Israel. As such, we decided to support the efforts of HaShomer HaChadash to help farmers due to the severe shortage of manpower. This aid contributes both to the success of the farmers and to the national strength of the state.”

Guy Skury, another volunteer and a father of four, well-acquainted with HaShomer HaChadash due to his sons’ active roles in its leadership programs, wasted no time either. The moment conflict erupted, he swiftly journeyed south to offer his assistance to the embattled farmers of the Western Negev.

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