South Florida Jewish Comedy Night - April 2, 2024
South Florida Jewish Comedy Night with GJN  Good Jewish News Magazine at The Palace Cuisine of India
Please join Good Jewish News Magazine at Jewish Comedy Night at The Palace Cuisine of India in Davie, FL

  • Two Complimentary Beverages
  • No non-kosher food will be served
  • Comedian Dan Weiss
  • Host Dave Crystal
  • Host Jourdan Kast
  • Ben Fishman
  • Jared Stein
  • Erica Lederman
  • Warren Scott
  • Jon Applebaum

Early Bird Tickets $40
General Admission $50
Save even more money with coupon code: GJN

The Palace Cuisine of India
11422 West State Road 84
Davie, FL 33325
Some of the most well known Jewish Comedians:
  1. Mel Brooks: Born Melvin Kaminsky, Mel Brooks is a legendary comedian, actor, director, and producer. He is known for his satirical and irreverent style, with classics like "Blazing Saddles," "The Producers," and "Young Frankenstein." Brooks has won numerous awards, including an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony).

  2. Woody Allen: A prolific filmmaker and comedian, Woody Allen has had a long and influential career. Known for his neurotic and self-deprecating humor, Allen's stand-up comedy, as well as his films like "Annie Hall" and "Manhattan," have left an indelible mark on the world of entertainment.

  3. Jerry Seinfeld: Co-creator and star of the iconic sitcom "Seinfeld," Jerry Seinfeld is celebrated for his observational humor that often explores the minutiae of everyday life. His stand-up routines, along with the timeless sitcom, have solidified his status as one of the greatest comedians of all time.

  4. Rodney Dangerfield: Known for his catchphrase "I don't get no respect," Rodney Dangerfield was a stand-up comedian and actor famous for his self-deprecating humor. His comedic style and delivery made him a beloved figure in the world of comedy.

  5. Jon Stewart: As the host of "The Daily Show" from 1999 to 2015, Jon Stewart became a trusted source of satirical news for many viewers. His wit and incisive commentary made him a prominent figure in both comedy and political satire.

  6. Adam Sandler: Known for his goofy and often juvenile sense of humor, Adam Sandler has achieved great success in the world of comedy. From his early days on "Saturday Night Live" to hit films like "Happy Gilmore" and "The Waterboy," Sandler's comedic style has resonated with audiences worldwide.

  7. Joan Rivers: A groundbreaking comedian and trailblazer for female comedians, Joan Rivers paved the way for many in the industry. Her sharp wit and fearless approach to comedy made her a cultural icon, with a career spanning stand-up, television hosting, and writing.

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