Celebrities who have appeared in "Good Jewish News"
Yaacov Heller - World Renowned Sculptor & Philanthropist - Adar 5783 Issue
Larry Cedar - TV Actor in Deadwood and dozens of other films - Nisan 5783 Issue
Shanee Zamir - Israeli Musician - Nisan 5783 Issue
Ravid Kahalani - Yemenite Jewish Musician - Nisan 5783 Issue
Rick Sykes - American Television Actor
Benjamin Netanyahu - Prime Minister of Israel - Cover of Iyar 5783 Issue
Reut Amichai - Israeli Torch Lighter
Amari Bailey - NBA Jewish Basketball Player for the Charlotte Hornets
Natalie Portman - Israeli born Actress with dual citizenship
Montegue Glass - Playwright and Progenitor of "Potash and Perlmutter"
Bethenny Frankel - Actress and Businesswoman

Jewish Celebrities and Notables Soon to be Published in Good Jewish News
Sacha Baron Cohen (Comedian/Actor)
Adam Sandler (Actor/Comedian)
Leonard Cohen (Musician/Poet)
Natalie Portman (Actress/Director)
Billy Joel (Musician)
Harvey Weinstein (Film Producer)
Larry David (Comedian/Writer)
Jon Stewart (Comedian/TV Host)
Steven Spielberg (Filmmaker)
Mark Zuckerberg (CEO and Co-founder of Facebook)
Bernie Sanders (US Senator)
David Blaine (Illusionist/Endurance Artist)
Larry Ellison (Businessman/Founder of Oracle Corporation)
Mel Brooks (Actor/Comedian)
Paul Simon (Musician/Singer-Songwriter)
Ben Stiller (Actor/Comedian)
Steven Pinker (Psychologist/Linguist)
Joan Rivers (Comedian/TV Host)
Carole King (Musician/Singer-Songwriter)
Bette Midler (Actress/Singer)
Neil Diamond (Musician)
Bob Dylan (Musician)
Leonard Nimoy (Actor/Author)
Jerry Seinfeld (Comedian/Actor)
Howard Stern (Radio Personality)
Andrew Garfield (Actor)
Michael Douglas (Actor/Producer)
Alan Dershowitz (Lawyer/Author)
Daniel Day-Lewis (Actor)
Ed Koch (Former Mayor of New York City)
Barbara Streisand (Actress/Singer)
Richard Dreyfuss (Actor)
Harry Belafonte (Musician/Actor/Activist)
Gene Simmons (Musician/Actor)
Daniel Kahneman (Psychologist/Economist)
James Franco (Actor/Director)
Natalie Cole (Musician/Singer)
Jason Alexander (Actor/Comedian)
Art Garfunkel (Musician/Singer)
Harvey Fierstein (Actor/Playwright)
Michael Chabon (Author)
Jeff Goldblum (Actor)
David Mamet (Playwright/Screenwriter)
Tony Kushner (Playwright/Screenwriter)
Eliot Spitzer (Former Governor of New York)
Arianna Huffington (Founder of The Huffington Post)
Adam Levine (Musician/Singer-Songwriter)
Peter Gabriel (Musician)
Judd Apatow (Filmmaker/Comedian)
Roseanne Barr (Comedian/Actress)
Billy Crystal (Actor/Comedian)
Rick Rubin (Music Producer/Entrepreneur)
Tovah Feldshuh (Actress)
Fran Drescher (Actress)
Joan Collins (Actress)
Jennifer Jason Leigh (Actress)
Jamie Lee Curtis (Actress)
Sarah Jessica Parker (Actress/Producer)
Jared Kushner (Senior Advisor to the US President)
Leslie Moonves (Former CEO of CBS Corporation)
Sheryl Sandberg (COO of Facebook)
Darren Aronofsky (Filmmaker)
Robert Downey Jr. (Actor)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Actor/Director)
Liz Mancino - Progenitor of Jdate
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