Benjamin Netanyahu both in and "ON" Good Jewish News Magazine
Some Highlights and Good Jewish News with respect to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

  • Economic growth: During Netanyahu's time as Prime Minister, Israel experienced significant economic growth, with a decrease in unemployment and an increase in GDP. The country is still growing in strength in as of 2023.
  • Security and defense: Netanyahu has been known for his strong stance on security and defense, and he has implemented policies that have helped to keep Israel safe from external threats.
  • Innovation and technology: Netanyahu has been a strong advocate for innovation and technology, and he has worked to promote the growth of the technology sector in Israel, which has helped to drive economic growth and create new jobs.
  • Diplomatic relations: Netanyahu has been successful in establishing diplomatic relations with several countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco.
Netanyahu on the cover of Good Jewish News Magazine in May 2023

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