Comedian Dan Weiss

I was born and raised in Philadelphia PA... was born in Center City, and raised in Lower Merion Township. As a kid, I always dreamt of being an entertainer when I grew up. At first, I wanted to be an actor, I was involved in theater back in high school. Then I wanted to be involved in film, I was also part of the film club at my high school. I came to South Florida back in 2005 for school, where I originally majored in theater... in the spring of 2011, at the age of 26, is when I first got into comedy. I started doing a couple of local open mics, and I didn't have a car at the time, so my options for mics were limited. I got a car back in 2014, which is when I started to expand my horizons for different venues, and it eventually led to bigger opportunities for me in the craft.