Potash and Perlmutter Broadway Screenplay Project

Attention: Jewish Theatre Grant Needed

Subject: Grant Proposal for "Potash and Perlmutter - The Broadway Screenplay"

I am writing to seek funding in the amount of $20,000 from your organization to support the creation and promotion of a Broadway screenplay based on the iconic Yiddish characters, Potash and Perlmutter. This project aims to celebrate the rich cultural heritage of Yiddish humor and storytelling while introducing a new generation to these beloved characters.

1. Project Summary: The proposed project, "Potash and Perlmutter: The Broadway Screenplay," will bring the timeless charm and wit of the Potash and Perlmutter duo to the grand stage of Broadway. Drawing from the original works of Montague Glass and Charles Klein, the screenplay will be a modern adaptation that pays homage to the Yiddish theater tradition while resonating with contemporary audiences. This production will provide a unique opportunity to showcase the cultural significance of Yiddish language and humor to a broad and diverse audience.

2. Objectives: The primary objectives of the project are as follows:

a. Develop a captivating and engaging screenplay that honors the essence of Potash and Perlmutter's humor and character dynamics.

b. Assemble a talented creative team of writers, directors, and producers with expertise in both Yiddish cultural heritage and modern theater.

c. Secure necessary resources, including sets, costumes, and props, to bring the screenplay to life and create an authentic theatrical experience.

d. Organize pre-production activities, such as auditions and rehearsals, to ensure a seamless and compelling production.

e. Launch a targeted marketing and promotional campaign to attract a diverse and enthusiastic audience to the Broadway show.

f. Preserve and promote the legacy of Yiddish culture and humor, fostering appreciation and understanding among diverse communities.

3. Budget Breakdown: The grant amount of $20,000 will be allocated as follows:

• Screenplay Development: $5,000 (This will cover the fees for professional writers and script consultants.)

• Creative Team and Resources: $8,000 (This will be used to hire directors, producers, and acquire necessary resources for the production.)

• Pre-Production: $4,000 (Funding for auditions, rehearsals, and other preparatory activities.)

• Marketing and Promotion: $3,000 (This will include digital and print advertising, social media campaigns, and promotional events.)

4. Project Impact and Community Engagement: The "Potash and Perlmutter: The Broadway Screenplay" project will have a significant impact on the community and beyond. By revitalizing these iconic Yiddish characters for the modern stage, the production will promote cross-generational conversations, preserving Yiddish culture for future generations. The play will provide a unique and entertaining experience for audiences, fostering cultural appreciation and understanding. Additionally, the project aims to collaborate with local Yiddish cultural organizations and educational institutions to engage the community through workshops, talk-back sessions, and educational materials.

5. Sustainability Plan: To ensure the sustainability of the project beyond the initial production, we plan to explore touring opportunities to bring "Potash and Perlmutter" to other cities and venues. Additionally, we will explore the possibility of licensing the screenplay for future productions, further extending the reach of this cultural gem.

We sincerely believe that "Potash and Perlmutter: The Broadway Screenplay" will become a cherished addition to the cultural landscape of theater and positively impact audiences of all backgrounds. We kindly request your support in making this project a reality and contributing to the preservation and celebration of Yiddish culture.

Thank you for considering our grant proposal. We would be delighted to provide any additional information or answer any questions you may have. Please find the attached project timeline and detailed budget.


Jay Parnassa Shapiro

If interested contact: PleaseAdvertise@gmail.com Txt: 561-376-0033

Potash and Perlmutter - Jewish Theatre Grants
Potash and Perlmutter Broadway Screen Play - Jewish Grant $20,000
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