Comedian Jourdan Kast

I am Jourdan Kast a professional tennis player and stand-up comedian. I finally gave stand-up comedy a shot in 2021 and I loved it! In just my 7th show I got peanuts thrown at me and being deadly allergic to peanuts my whole life it was a cathartic experience that I surprisingly stayed calm throughout and despite not knowing many people in the stand-up scene at the time I was consoled by them and given encouraging messages to keep going and never quit stand-up comedy it was nice of them to do that for me and I will be forever grateful for it! I understood what they were saying and I was really appreciative about it too then when I told them that I was deadly allergic to peanuts they immediately showed more concern and wanted to know I was alright. I told them I was alright the next day I was impressed by my resilience and character growth as there was no other experience that could have possibly given me more clarity in that time and place, I knew that in the moment and the comedians were right I would be telling that story for many years to come and immediately they all said get back on that stage the very next day and I did and I haven’t looked back!